As of January 1, 2013 CELLspace has ceased to exist in the real world. Old school members of the Cell collective brought this site back for a short period of nostalgia, remembrance, eulogies, mourning, and safety breaks. Please join us in giving the good ole' CELLspace one last "arrrrrrrgh!" of support..... Old schoolers are still keeping the flame lit at Face Book too. Wanna book space, etc. at 2050 Bryant??? Go to Inner Mission (not affiliated in any way with CELLspace or us old schoolers).

NYE 1997 at CELLspace

 Great turnout at the New Years Eve Celebrations for the first year of CELLspace.

Bud Carson goes to The Cell (circa 2000)

 Lucky for me I had somewhere to go after work last night. I was going to free movie night at "The Cell" which is an art/performance space run by young, energetic, moral folk. The emphasis at Cell (Collective Exploratory Learning Lab) is on art and not a quick buck. Wavy Dave is my preferred master of ceremonies at Cell, but it's the group of artists as a whole that keep things glued together. A free movie night is held at least once a week. You only pay for soda, popcorn, or whatever sweet your tooth desires. Occasionally Wavy Dave will bring out his private cookie jar, but better get ready for a blockbuster kinda night, and forget about operating any heavy machinery. Last night's film was "The Wizard of Oz" with "The Dark Side of the Moon" played along as the soundtrack. It was very cool and a nice relief from the streets of My Fare City. For the facts on this quirk of nature take a look at their web site ( After cleaning up the space after the show I went home to bed and had some strange dreams. Yes, I did go over the rainbow too. I can say without reservation, "There's no place like home in My Fare City." - Bud Carson, "My Fare City"

An Obituary for the CELL

The original post, by former CELLspace caretaker Devin Holt, is here

CELLspace, community arts center, closed its doors at the end of 2012.

During the late 90s and early aughts, there was no better place to see the Mission District’s artistic, multicultural vibe than CELLspace. San Francisco prankster Chicken John was known to decorate the 10,000 square foot warehouse as a Las Vegas casino; the Flaming Lotus Girls created their first large scale fire installations in the CELLspace Metal Shop, and during Carnaval, the space would burst at the seams from the ritual drumming, colorful rattling costumes and sheer number of teenagers involved in groups like Loco Bloco and Danza Azteca.

Michael Sturtz was so impressed by CELLspace that he named his industrial arts school, The Crucible, after their art gallery.

“The name was inspired by the Crucible Steel Gallery, which was the CELLspace gallery at the time,” he said.

Burning Man’s Arts Advocate and Community Events Producer Steven Raspa held his first interactive art exhibit in that gallery. "Cell has played a vital and significant role in the underground creative community in the Bay Area for many years,” he said, adding that he could recall, “numerous mad capped happenings that defied explanation.”

Most people who went there, went to those mad capped happenings: all-night dance parties that began with a yoga lesson and ended with the Extra Action Marching Band, literary events with David Byrne, beats from Bassnectar when he was DJ Lorin, breakdancing competitions, mechanical bull riding, hip hop theater, live chainsaw massacres, puppet circus suppers, blindfolded transcendental meditation workshops, and youth hip hop nights where gang members from the Nortenos, Surenos, Westmob and Big Block all danced together.

And it all began, with a window in the bathroom.

RIP CELLspace: Mike Kushner's 1999 Article

 pdf links to Mike Kushner's 1999 article. Kushner was best known around CELLspace for taking hundreds of photos, making collages of them, and hanging them alll around Cell. He was also a crappy house manager who at least made an effort to help out. Current whereabouts of Mike are unknown....

Here is an unedited cut/paste of the article (sorry, no energy to format):


Mike Kushner
By Mike Kushner
Cellspace is a collectively run community arts space that opens
it’s 40,000 square foot warehouse to neighborhood organizations and
arts programs for a small fee. 
In the last three years they have hosted spectacular events with
a variety of themes including anti-police violence youth rap performances, robot wars, omni-media festivals, fire sculpture and cutting
edge improvisational dance competitions. Acrobats, trapeze troupes,
theater companies, music groups, youth drummers, clowns, filmmakers, celebrations, community activists and unconventional ritual observers have a place in the Mission where they can rehearse,
congregate, meet other people with similar interests and find out
about neighborhood alternative arts activities. 
Resident groups include Monkey Thump Theater Collective, The
Body Cartography Project, Velocity Circus, Men’s drawing Group, SF
Roller Jam Community and the Sunday Teahouse. Youth organizations have also utilized Cellspace. They include Third Eye
Movement, Loco Bloco, Peer Resources, Youth Leadership Institute
and Coleman Advocates for youth. 

NeoHarvest - Sat September 29



Thur., Sep. 27: The Critical Mass 20th Birthday Party

Bikes, Bands, and Brews
The Critical Mass 20th Birthday Party

Live bands - check. Beer - check. Bikes - hell yeah!

Rock your way into Friday and help build the momentum towards the Interstellar Critical Mass.

Got SUV pinatas? Birthday cupcakes? A bike crew? Bring it if you wanna...


  • Grass Widow (

  • Apogee Sound Club 

  • The Rabbles (

  • Future Twin (

Thursday, Sep. 27, 2012
7pm to 1am


$10 - $20* sliding scale

*door proceeds cover costs of event; profits go to the bands… please give generously if you can

2050 Bryant
(b/t 18th and 19th sts)
SF, CA 94110

bike stencils by Mission legend Scott Williams
DIY culture share... sell your bike-themed wares ($10 extra at door, byo table, while space lasts)

5 3 5 Progression

05/25/2012 7:00 pm
05/25/2012 11:00 pm

5 3 5 Progression: Brad Bernhardt, Matilde Llambi Campbell & Lauren Smith

Witness the experience of the Spring 2012 artists in residence Brad Bernhardt, Matilde Llambi Campbell and Lauren Smith. "5 3 5" are the number of months each of the artists has spent in San Francisco evolving in their interests and creating new work.

The gallery will be open on Friday evening May 25th from 7-11pm at CELLspace Gallery, 2050 Bryant Street between 18th and 19th. You may also join us ALL DAY & NIGHT on Saturday May 26 starting at 2:00pm! Otherwise view by appointment by contacting Smith directly via email at laurensmithstudio(at)

About the artists:

Brad Bernhardt is a visiting artist in residence from Reno, Nevada. He used a hybrid mixed media method using wheatpaste blended with bright vibrant colors to play within the realms of reality and the plasticity of our known world.

Matilde Llambi Campbell is a photographer and painter from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her recent paintings explore abstraction, water, and ocean iconography.

Lauren Smith is a multimedia artist from New Jersey. She is most interested in the urban environment and exploring how it directly and indirectly effects its inhabitants.

CELLspace Art Gallery
2050 Bryant Street, between 18th & 19th, San Fransisco CA 94110

DIA Refreshes Mural on Bryant Street

The latest art to go up on the Bryant Street Mural Project.


M.I.G. Welding Class

Adventures in art welding! Cell Space is excited to offer welding classes in M.I.G.


Receive individual attention with one instructor and two students. Learn from a certified welder. M.I.G. is the easiest welding process to learn.

Each student takes home one individual sculpture.

Classes take place Monday night from 7-10pm. Each class meets for 5 sessions.

Cost is $360 per student. $60 material fee included.

Contact Corey Best if you would like to know more. Email

Hussyclub Straight Girl Video

Hussyclub vid gets SFweekly blog hit

The art concept music video was shot CELLspace and Icon Bar, and is now available for viewing. Produced by CELLspace leader Critical Akklaim. 3D animation created by Kiki Seror, alumnus of Project 2048, CELL's artist in residence program. Please enjoy and share!


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