International Residency Program

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CELLspace is no longer in business as of Jan. 1, 2013

DO NOT try to apply to Project 2048 (currently on indefinite hiatus), b/c you will not hear back from anybody!!


Welcome to Project 2048

Project 2048 seeks to bring artists from around the world to work, teach and create new and exciting projects and performances. The artist in residency program offers an ideal environment for creative growth, experimentation and collaborative inspiration with other artists and the San Francisco arts community. Artists who are accepted will be provided with living accommodations, a workspace, access to the Internet and a chance to present their work as the culmination of the residency.  Artists will also be exposed to the extremely diverse arts of the Bay Area. Many artists have come through our doors and have left their mark in both memories and works.

We are looking for Muralists, Sculptors, Gallery Artists and Curators, Performers of all types Arts Educators, Sound Artists, Mosaic Artists, B-Boys and B-girls, Industrial Artists, those seeking to create Sacred Spaces and many more that we have not even imagined.

The Details
CELLspace is a vibrant and active art collective located in the heart of San Francisco's Mission district. For over 12 years we have provided the artists of the Bay Area with access to over 13, 000 square feet of space with wood and metal shops, rental studios, as well as gallery and performance spaces. Since opening its doors in 1996 numerous groups and artists have called CELLspace home and many more have presented their works within its confines.  Each year over 10,000 people come through the doors to attend a wide variety of performance and gallery shows.

The 2048 residency program is 3 to 4 months in duration with staggered entry dates. We will fill each opening as we select the participants. The Artist Quarters have a shared kitchen and bathroom and artists are expected to share the upkeep of these areas. Each artist is expected to pay a program fee of $650US per month.

The CELLspace is host to 2-3 nighttime events each week and the weekday evenings are filled with arts classes and programs. With the artist quarters located above the space it can be noisy and busy, but for those looking for complete immersion in the San Francisco arts community it is an ideal place to practice your art and to be exposed to an endless variety of artistic forms and practices.

The CELLspace is a thriving arts space and artists will also have opportunities to meet other working artists and have their work seen and experienced by hundreds of visitors while having their work influenced by theses interactions and collaborations.

Besides the living space itself, CELLspace offers agreed upon weekday rehearsal times, access to the crafts area, computer and internet, use of the wood and metal shops and the performance space itself for the production and presentation of new works by these artists in residence.

For more information, and to apply, please download the Project 2048 brochure (pdf) and application (doc).

For questions, please email

Project 2048 brochure (.pdf format)

Project 2048 Application (.doc Word format)